Welcome to the VMTools page.

VM Tools is the beginning of a collection of XML-oriented tools for the java platform. The toolkit is developed by VM Systems, Inc. and is available under an open source license.

This release of the toolkit contains tools for automatically generating differences between two XML documents and may be of particular interest to members of the OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) who have developed XML standards using a document difference representation.

If you have any questions or have found vmtools useful we'd like to hear from you, send us a note at: vmtools@vmsystems.net



VM Tools has the following features:


This implementation will work for data-oriented XML and for document-oriented XML. Specific limitations are as follows:


VMTools 0.5 is available for download here in the following formats:

Older versions still available:

The downloadable distributions include source, documentation and pre-compiled jar files. N.B. the .tar.gz distribution uses the GNU tar extensions and may not work with the classic tar utility. The .zip distribution will work on any platform (you can use the jarcommand line tool to unpack it if you don't have zip utilities).


The following resources are available: