VM Systems Service Offerings

We offer a variety of services on either an on-going or project-by-project basis:

Whether it's a long-term engagement where you retain our services via professionals dedicated to your account, ad-hoc consulting at competitive daily rates, or fixed-bid project work, VM Systems has the team of top professionals to deliver a quality solution that exactly fits your requirements.

Contact us to discuss your project's unique requirements and to work with us to prepare a custom proposal.


We offer a variety of systems-related consulting services at competitive daily rates, including:

  • Systems architecture consulting
  • Software development
  • Technology Mentoring
  • Open Source Integration

Systems Architecture Consulting

VM Systems can help you with your Systems Architecture planning. From an objective and independent opinion via infrastructure assessments to technology and product migration strategies which help you leverage the return on your IT investment, we have the skills and experience to help you pull it all together.

Software Development Consulting

VM Systems has a team of industry veterans experienced in a variety of current technologies. We can help design, develop, test and document the software you need for your project.

Our approach to software development is based upon years of experience on a variety of projects. Whether we are performing all your development for you or working as members of a larger team we have the skills and experience to get it right, first time.

Technology Mentoring

We can help you and your team get up to speed on a variety of current technologies and make them an effective part of your IT strategy. Our experienced professionals can help mentor and coach your staff through the initial stages of new technology adoption.

Open Source Integration

If you are looking to understand more about Open Source software and how to integrate open source into your IT strategy, we can help. We can help you determine an effective open source strategy which both protects your interests while allowing you to leverage the quality and reliability that is available in many of the best-known packages.

Many companies are unaware of the Open Source solutions which are available today and how these solutions are often effective alternatives to expensive proprietary products. Effective adoption of Open Source solutions leads to reliable, cost-effective systems for such IT staples as:

  • web-hosting
  • email services
  • DNS, DHCP, firewalling

VM Systems can help design, install and support this kind of Open Source infrastructure within your small/medium sized enterprise.

Web Development

We can help you drive your business off the web. From a simple site with a few pages through large sites with dynamic content we can help you improve your web presence. From weblogs to booking engines to business systems integration we can help you drive more business through your website.

Whether you are looking to improve your current site by integrating your back-end business systems into your website or you want a ground-up turnkey solution VM Systems can help put it all together for you.

After helping you develop a site that is right for you we also offer hosting service.


VM Systems staff have extensive backgrounds in the following areas:

  • Central Reservations Systems (including 2 ground-up GDS interface subsystem implementations)
  • CRS <=> PMS integration
  • Distributed systems in general
  • Intensive server-side OLTP
  • Communications software (async, TCP/IP, X.25, custom protocol development)
  • C, C++, Java languages
  • Servlet and JSP development (including Apache/Jakarta Tomcat)
  • XML design and development
  • Cross-platform software development
  • AIX, Irix, Linux, NT, Solaris and VOS operating systems
  • Messaging middleware, including MQ-Series, Java JMS
  • RDBMS technology including: Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Open Source Technologies:
    • Linux (including Redhat)
    • Apache Server
    • Apache Tomcat
    • Postfix - email server
    • PostgreSQL RDBMS

Telephony Solutions

We offer consulting, installation and support of TalkSwitch phone systems. Our systems offer big-business capabilities in a small, affordable package. TalkSwitch solutions are appropriate for small business varying in size from a single home office to multiple branches. See our telephony pages for more details.